Frequently Asked Questions

Things you need to know when using Bus237 services for your daily travel planner.

Can I get a refund?

Please check your booking very carefully before completing your transaction, as we don’t give any refunds for bookings after you’ve paid for them. Bookings may be refunded based on certain conditions and are at the discretion of Bus237.com You can make changes to your booking by paying an amendment fee anytime at least 24 hours before you’re due to travel. We do not allow amendments less than 24 hours before departure. Changes can be made online or with an authorised Bus237 agent. The amendment fee at an authorised Bus237 agent may be different to the amendment fee charged online. If your new journey is more expensive than the original one, you’ll also need to pay the difference between the two fares. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a refund or credit if the new journey is less expensive than the original one.

I missed my departure what should I do?

Just like seats on a plane, all seats booked via Bus237 are sold on a reservation basis - so you must travel at your specified time and date. For journeys within Cameroon, customers need to be at their departure point at least 30 minutes before their journey is due to depart. No refunds or credits will be given if you miss the coach. But if your plans change more than 24 hours before you’re due to travel – you can amend your ticket with us online or by calling our services. Fees will apply for making these changes. If you missed your departure and you still wish to travel, you’ll need to book another journey. So you can either book again on our website or app, or by calling our sales line at +237 (Number to be updated). This service is operated by our partners. Calls cost charges per minute network access and call charges may apply. Please check with your telecom provider. At some locations, (Doaula Coach Station for example), you may be able to pay for a walk-up fare on the day of travel from a member of the Bus Agency staff – or use the self-service kiosk.

Do I get a paper ticket to board the bus?

Bus237 offers a ticketless service. After completing your payment, a booking confirmation page will display your Bus237 booking number(s). Your booking number can also be found in your booking confirmation email, which will be sent to the email address you gave to us when you booked. You’ll also get a text message if you asked for one at the time of booking. You should make a note of your booking number(s) for travelling, and we recommend that you print or keep a copy on your phone so you’ve got your booking number to hand on the day. Note, some agencies might issue journey tickets besides your online booking.

Can I take food or drinks with me on the bus?

Sure. You can bring cold food, cold drinks and hot drinks that have a lid on. For safety reasons, we can’t allow hot food on our coaches. Caution But we recommend you contact the bus agency for any further information relating to what kind of food you can have onboard.

How do I pay for my journey?

Bus237 only accept payments of tickets via the following payment methods Mobile Money Cash in one of our kiosks Card payments

Can I pay a ticket on the Bus?

You can buy a ticket from the Bus Agency. We recommend you contact the agency for any further information relating to booking physical tickets. Or buy a ticket on the day from one of our friendly customer service advisors.

What does the booking text cost?

You’ll not be charged for the text message when making your booking. The cost of the text you receive is covered by your booking fee. If you text our number, you may be charged and we advise you to contact your network operator for further information and charges.

Can I book more than one ticket or journey at a time?

Yes of course. On the booking summary page, you can add more journeys by clicking on 'Add another trip' to your basket or continuing to payment.

How far in advance can I make a booking?

Bookings can usually be made a number of weeks or months in advance depending on the time of year and service you're looking to travel on.

How do I report a problem with your website or app?

For the best experience in viewing and using our website, we recommend the following operating systems and browsers.

Operating Systems
• Windows 7 or above
• Android 4.4.2 and above
• iOS 9.2.1 and above

Browsers • Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and above
• Google Chrome latest version
• Mozilla Firefox latest version
• Safari 8 and above

Try refreshing your browser first. If the site still isn’t working properly, please contact us at info@bus237.com or WhatsApp: +44 7534 652 305 General Helpline to report the problem and we’ll do our best to help.

How to delete my account?

If you wish to delete your account on Bus237, go to our contact page and complete the form using the title "Delete Account Request". Once we receive this information, your account will be deleted within 48hrs. We will also notify you via email once the account is deleted. Note this process cannot be reversed.

How do I change my Booking?

We know plans can change. So if you want to make any changes to your bookings, you can do this up to 24 hours before you’re due to travel. Here’s what you need to do: 1. Go to your dashboard and select Booking History. 2. Copy the ticket number from your booking history. 3. Call or text our bus237 agent of the agency you booked the ticket to admen the ticket. ( Fees may apply). N.B You can also open a Support Ticket if you need any support with your booking. 4. Follow the instructions to create a ticket and we usually respond within 24 hours of your travel. Multiple traveller bookings If your booking is for 2 or more people, any changes you make will cancel the original booking for all travellers. So please remember to include the new journey details for all travellers when making your changes, even those that still want to travel on the same journey as originally booked. Top tip - instead of changing the entire booking for all travellers, it may actually be cheaper if you only book a new trip for the people who need to travel at a different date or time. What will it cost? It costs 500FCFA to change a booking online (250frs amendment fee and 250frs re-booking fee). Changes made with an authorised Bus237 agency will cost the same amount payable via Mobile Money. If your new journey is more expensive than the original one, you’ll also need to pay the difference between the two fares. Unfortunately, we can’t give you a refund or credit if the new journey has gone down in price.

Why haven't I Received my confirmation email?

At the time of booking your trip, make sure you’ve given us a valid email address so we can send your booking confirmation. If you don’t receive one within an hour of making your booking, please email us at info@bus237.com and we’ll look into this for you. Our inbox tends to get quite busy, so if you can – make sure you contact us as early as you can so we can reissue your ticket to you.

What is our luggage policy?

All luggage and how your luggage is managed are done directly with the Bus Agency operator. We do not manage any luggage for our customers and recommend you contact the agency you are using for your journey for any information relating to managing your luggage. We shall update you if there are any policies relating to specific agencies if we are provided with any information about how to manage your luggage.

How to book a ticket?

It is super easy to book a ticket with Bus237. It is important you sign in first before booking your ticket. All you need to do is download the app register, select your journey, seat, gender and pay. You instantly receive a confirmation sent to your mobile phone with your Electronic Ticket Number – ETN.

What is the booking fees?

The booking fee on Bus237 varies and changes constantly. We constantly update all our travellers of any changes to the booking fee. A single booking fee is charged for each transaction. Multiple journeys can be booked on our systems. Booking fees on third-party and agent websites are higher so it is always best to book direct!

Will I receive a booking confirmation?

After completing your payment, a booking confirmation page will display your Bus237 booking number(s). You’ll also find your number on your booking confirmation email which will be sent to the contact number as an SMS or email address you gave us at the time of booking. If you select to receive a text message, you’ll also get it to your phone too.

You also get a confirmation ticket from within our app with details of your journey which can be used as a valid ticket to travel from any of our agencies.

You should make a note of your booking number(s) for travelling, and we recommend that you print or keep a copy on your phone so you’ve got your booking number to hand on the day.

Can I Book a ticket with my phone or tablet?

Of course. Our website is mobile and tablet friendly, so you can book your tickets on the go.

What does your ticket cost?

All our fares are updated directly from the bus agencies currently running on our platform. Fares will vary according to the bus agency booking date, day of travel and demand for seats - and they’re subject to change without notice. A booking fee is charged per credit or debit card transaction to cover administration charges. During peak booking times, prices may go up or down between searches - so bear that in mind when you're planning your trip. For any other information about fares we recommend you contact the bus agency directly.

Why can't I find tickets for my trip?

This may happen for a couple of reasons. If the journey can be selected from the departure/origin points but there are no available dates - it might be that the journey has sold out. If the departure/origin points don’t appear, it may be that we don’t currently offer a service on the route you’re looking for. We’re always looking at adding new places to our network though, so make sure you check back to see if any new places have been added to the Bus237 journey planner.

What I must do when booking a ticket.

We recommend you sign in first before booking your ticket to make the process seamless. 1. Select Pickup and Dropping Point. 2. Departure date. 3. Find your ticket. 4. Select your seat. 5. Select Gender. 6. Book your ticket.

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